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That Inspires

Your photographer is a part of your clients’ experience by which your brand is either enhanced or degraded.


Marion Photography EXCELS at providing you the following services:

Images that get their Attention
Images that glow with light and warmth. Using the psychology of composition and cutting edge lighting and post, our images enhance your brand and bring buyers to your listings. Seriously, don’t you want to be relaxing in that chair?  See the proof here.
Virtual Tours
Get them into the space. Adding 360 degree panoramas to your photography can increase the potential buyers engagement level, giving your listing more exposure time. See some examples here.
Exteriors that WOW
Whenever possible, we produce elevated exteriors that enhance the depth of view , accentuate the property size, and remove ground level distracting elements. With ground-level capture, perspective and angle are given as much attention for a winning first impression.


Here’s why you will want to hire me.

FAST delivery. FRIENDLY communication. CLIENTS love me (so do dogs). I own the company so I CARE that YOU are HAPPY. I CARE about how FANTASTIC your listings photos look and work for your brand.

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